“Goodnight My Hero” was born from a moody piano sketch that Victoria Faiella was drawn to. Time passed and Victoria came up with some ideas that didn’t stick. And then, tragically, unexpectedly — her father passed away. Translating loss to art, beautifully melodies and lyrics came forth, set to an emotional string arrangement.

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The fourth track on my SoundCloud Playlist is “Goodnight My Hero” by Victoria Faiella.

Victoria and I have written a number of songs together over the years. At one point we decided to see if I had anything in my “pile” of unfinished compositions that might be a good starting point for a new song. I went through what I had and chose a few things to play for her on the piano over the phone. When she heard me play a certain moody piano sketch, she immediately said “I want that one!” So I recorded what I had and sent it to her to see what she could come up with. Time passed… Victoria came up with some ideas but she wasn’t that excited by any of it yet. And then, tragically, her father passed away unexpectedly. Some time after this happened, it became apparent that we would be writing our song about her father. Although it was very difficult for Victoria, beautifully melodies and lyrics came forth. We tweaked everything over the phone and I created a new piano part for the bridge. We finished the song and recorded a demo of it with piano and vocal at my studio. It was a very beautiful and emotional song and I was very proud of Victoria for allowing herself to translate her loss into art.

We re-recorded “Goodnight My Hero” for Victoria’s Wild Butterfly CD and I added a very emotional string arrangement. This may be my favorite recording on the album.

First I recorded Victoria singing with Jason Crosby accompanying her on the great Steinway D piano at Systems Two Recording Studio. We recorded all of the piano songs for the CD that day.

We came back to Systems Two on another day to record all of the songs that had string quartet, including “War Pigs.”

See the string quartet recording part of “Goodnight My Hero” on a facebook video.

  • Antoine Silverman – Violin
  • Jonathan Dinklage – Viola
  • Dave Eggar – Cello
  • Gregg August – Double Bass

Peter Moshay completed the mix at A-Pawling Studio.

For more info about Victoria and her music, please visit her on facebook: Victoria Faiella



  • Penni Warner

    Wow, this song really hits home for me. It is so beautiful and stirred many emotions about my own relationship with my father who passed away from cancer in 2000. I sure would like to tell him I love him one last time.

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