Pushing The Envelope (for Viola and Cello – there is also a version for Electric Guitar and Electric Bass a 4th lower)


Meditation on Roads Not Taken (for Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet and Piano – could be arranged for other instruments)


Secrets (for Soprano Saxophone, Trumpet and Piano)


Blue Glass Water Goblet (for Piano)


Worry (for Piano)


Young Hostos Suite (for Piano)

1 – Eugenio

2 – Lola

3 – Don Hostos

4 – La Revolucion

5 – Cara

6 – Cuidadano


Shaman (for Bass Flute and Cello – could be extended)


Just a Minute (for Brass Quintet)


Either Oar Suite (for Soprano Saxophone, Classical Guitar, Piano and Electric Bass – could be arranged for other instruments)

1 – Major Triad’s Dilemma

2 – A Minor Inconvenience

3 – Diminishing Returns

4 – Rest Augmentation


Love’s Ashes (for Violin, Viola, Cello and Bass)


Tarot (for Flute and Harp)


Rooftop Moods (for Tenor Saxophone)

Rooftop Mood #1

Rooftop Mood #2

Rooftop Mood #3


Juilliard Irregular Division

Discomposure (for Cello and Piano)

20th Century Box (for Brass Quintet)

Mia! (for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon)

Cutting the Cord (for Violin, Cello and Piano)

Intention (for Piano 4-Hands)

Restless (for Violin and Piano)

Flights of Fancy? (for Violin and Piano)

Obstructions (for Piano)

Yamee Yamee Yamaha (for Piano)


Remembering Melissa (for Piano)