Very often, people ask me a lot of questions about my work as a Producer, Composer, Arranger, Engineer and Musician.  How do you do this?  How do you do that?  Questions come up about:

  • music theory & composition
  • audio engineering (tracking & mixing)
  • using various music software programs
  • recording in commercial studios
  • hiring overseas orchestras

My goal in this blog is to provide some interesting, informative and useful content that will answer many questions and also present new concepts, techniques and solutions.  On this site I will be sharing creative as well as technical information.

To start, I’ll be talking in detail about the 12 recordings on my SoundCloud Playlist.  These are selected recordings from 6 CD projects I produced in the last 5 years.  This playlist features many different styles of music so there is a lot to talk about!

The 6 CDs featured on the Playlist include:


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