You can schedule private lessons for yourself or your child on any one of my main instruments: bass, guitar, piano and saxophone. As in my productions, I like to work in all styles, including pop, rock, jazz, funk, fusion, world, classical and more. In addition to technical skills and depending on level of interest, I teach:





Ear Training

Composition & Theory

Students who are interested in learning the basics or diving deeper in music theory and analysis can take lessons in both contemporary and traditional techniques. I help students gain a deeper understanding of:

Harmony & Counterpoint

Melodic Development

Ear Training



Scoring for Film, TV & Video

Home Studio Recording 

I teach part time at Hofstra University, Hostos Community College and Mercy College, focusing mainly on electronic music, recording and technology. My private lessons on these topics teach the following skills:

Using & troubleshooting all of your recording equipment and software

MIDI Programming (Drums, Synths, Samplers, Orchestral, etc.)

Manipulating virtual instruments

Using microphones

Tracking (recording instruments and voices), mixing & mastering

Using plug-ins & analog outboard equipment (Compressors, Limiters, EQs, etc.)