Playing digital and live instruments, recommending great musicians and singers                         

Organizing & Planning Projects

Choose a repertoire and concept

Schedule and prepare budgets

Contract musicians in the most efficient way

Connect with commercial recording studios 


Get arrangements for all instruments in any style

Receive printed lead sheets, scores and parts

Work easily and remotely with other musicians

Contract overseas orchestras on a budget


Schedule home studio sessions in Carmel, NY

Run sessions at any commercial recording studio

Have your work recorded, edited and mixed

Get mastering (small budget by me, or find others)

Playing Instruments

Bring your instruments along with you, or…

Let me play all instruments on your project, or…

Find great musician- and singer-specialists

Receive recommendations for each project


Request custom music for:

Film, TV, Internet and video projects

Songs, jazz tunes, chamber music and orchestra

See where my music has been featured

Music Education

Play electric bass, guitar, saxophone and piano

Practice ear training and improvisation

Learn composition, theory, and production

Discover options in private instruction