I sometimes get complimented on certain aspects of my music production work, like how I arranged or mixed a song, or how I edited something or played an instrument a certain way… But I’m beginning to notice that a number of people are even more appreciative of me because I simply acknowledge them by responding to their emails and phone calls! Apparently, this is a big deal that I do this! A rare behavior someone said recently! What is going on out there? There seems to be a “no reply at all” syndrome going around… I’ve been noticing this a little myself as well. What is most surprising to me, is when I call someone to HIRE them, to pay them MONEY, especially after they stated that they would like me to hire them, and then they do not respond, EVER! OK, no problem, I’ll call someone else.

Recently, some work came in because the person who was called first did not respond, even after numerous attempts to get their attention. I responded right away and so I got the gig. Maybe there should be a tagline on my website: Barry Hartglass Music Composition & Production – I respond to EVERY email and phone call right away! Maybe if I added that I’d have so much work that I wouldn’t be able to respond to everyone’s emails and phone calls…

Perhaps some people are just too busy or overwhelmed with things that they are unable to respond to every email or phone call that comes their way. The problem is that the sender of the message might get insulted when they are not acknowledged, even though it might just be a misunderstanding or something else altogether. They are assuming that they are being ignored whether or not this is actually true. And this is why they appreciate it so much that I actually respond, consistently. It usually only takes me a moment to respond so it’s really no big deal to me. I never thought this was a special feature of mine that I should mention, let alone write an entire blog about, but apparently it is.

I have decided to not take it personally when I am not responded to and I suggest you do the same. You don’t always know the reason why there is no response. It could be technical. Maybe they simply didn’t get the messages. This is very possible and this has happened to me. Or maybe something is going on in their life and they just can’t deal with every little message. Also very possible. Or maybe they are really inundated with messages and never even saw or heard your message. I know some people who are very popular or even somewhat famous and I can only imagine the number of messages they are receiving all day every day. However, there are others like this that always respond no matter what, so it is also very possible, that you are simply being ignored for some reason. You may never know the reason so just forget about it. It doesn’t matter. Let it go.

If you would like to be responded to though, you can always send me an email or call me, even if you don’t know me. Go ahead. It is my personal policy to ALWAYS respond right away. I promise to respond as fast as possible. If you don’t hear from me in 24 hours, then something is wrong. Try again. This has happened before. I’ve been sent emails that never got here, and once someone said they called and left messages that I never received. ??? So try again. I will reply no matter what it is about – personal or business. And not only will I reply, but if you happen to ask me 5 questions, for example, I will respond to EACH one – not just 1 or 2 of your questions, but ALL 5 of them. I will also try to be as clear as possible in my correspondence. I know how frustrating it can be when you don’t understand what someone is talking about. Clarity is important to me.

Or, if you don’t want to email or call me, then I suggest listening to “No Reply At All” by Genesis. You’ll feel better. It’s a fun song and video even though the lyrics are not necessarily so happy… I’ve always liked this song and the clever arrangement. Every instrument has a cool part.

Genesis – No Reply At All by jpdc11ame


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