I work in every possible style of music. Below are some of the things I have to offer for your recording project:

Organizing & Planning

  • choosing the appropriate repertoire
  • coming up with a unique concept
  • making the most of your budget
  • contracting musicians
  • scheduling and preparing in the most efficient way
  • choosing studios that meet the specific requirements of the project


  • arranging for all instruments (acoustic, electronic or ethnic) and styles
  • creating printed lead sheets, scores and parts using Finale software
  • working with overseas orchestras (in Prague, Macedonia, etc.)


  • I use Pro Tools & Digital Performer software for recording.
  • I can run a session in any commercial recording studio and also have my own home recording studio.
  • I am extremely particular about sounds and capturing them effectively.
  • I have advanced knowledge of microphones and most audio equipment.
  • MIDI programming & sound design (drum programming, orchestral programming, etc.)
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • Mastering (I usually recommend hiring someone else for this, but I can do it for projects with smaller budgets)

Playing of multiple instruments

  • If necessary I can play ALL the instruments on your project.
  • I have a large database of great musicians and singers that are specialists at what they do. Sometimes I recommend hiring certain musicians depending on the requirements of the project.