Music Producer/Composer position:

looking for producers and composers who specialize in contemporary genres like pop, electronic, edm, hiphop, rnb, and soul (please only respond with music in those genres).  

  • I can do all of that and much more.  I just went through a lot of my older and more recent recordings to find hopefully relevant tracks and included some of them below.

can work within fast turnarounds and tight deadlines

  • I can go extremely fast if necessary!  In the past, I’ve created and recorded custom, original music the same day I was hired for various clients (website, video, sales, marketing, etc.).  I’m teaching 2 colleges courses (Intro to Recording Techniques at CUNY and Fundamentals of Electronic Music Techniques at Hofstra University) on Thursdays this semester but I am available on other days.  I have my own studio with tons of software (4 DAWs and multiple third party plugins) and I play numerous instruments (bass, guitar, piano and soprano sax).

highly competent with following instruction and email correspondence.  

  • I always respond to calls, emails and texts immediately and am very detail oriented and organized.

familiarly with music theory, music production, songwriting, and engineering.

  • I have advanced music theory knowledge (with an MA in music composition), years of experience producing and engineering recordings (with a BM in Music Engineering Technology) at my studio and at commercial studios and have written (and co-written) numerous songs and instrumental pieces.

experience scoring to picture.

  • I have composed music for independent films, student films and video (website, sales, marketing, etc.).  In addition to working with electronic based music, I can also orchestrate and have worked with live orchestras, chamber music ensembles and jazz groups. I use Finale notation software for my scores and parts.

ability to sing and write songs or have access to a network of songwriters and vocalists.  

  • I can sing and I also work with an extensive network of singers, rappers, musicians and songwriters all over the country.  In 2018-2019, I was hired to write and produce 26 songs (mostly adult-contemporary-pop) by a Church from Queens, NY using their lyrics (nothing ever rhymed – it was challenging!); I had to hire numerous singers for this.  Some singers recorded here and some recorded at their own studios and sent files to me: Church Songs


Below are recordings created for the Gatorade G2 Lounge website and YouTube channel several years ago:






Fat Bass


Below are recordings created for the Webby award winning Porsche 911 website several years ago:




Below are underscoring recordings created for sales/marketing videos several years ago:




Below are recent recordings that may be included on some of my Inta Grayshon albums in the future (after some more tweaking): 

The Beginning of Widsom (Psybient Spock album)

OverReaktion (Reaktions album)

Immediate Reaktion (Reaktions album)

Cats (Reaktions album or elsewhere)


Below are recent recordings featuring my teenage daughter Maya on viola and violin:


Akkording To Maya