These are a lot of fun. Something unique to do with your family when you all get together for a special holiday or birthday event or whenever, just for fun! I’ve been doing this with my family for many years. No one has to be a professional singer to enjoy doing this or to create a great sounding result. Adults and children! Everyone loves music and most people like to sing. Imagine hearing yourself and your entire family singing together on a professional sounding recording. All the voices of the different generations combined make a great memory permanently fixed on a CD or DVD (if video is included).



  • Karaoke

    Sing to a karaoke track (one person at a time). Later, I edit together a great sounding vocal arrangement featuring everyone’s best moments.

  • Live Accompaniment

    Sing with live professional musicians in the studio.

  • A Cappella

    Sing a cappella and I add the music later. This is not usually recommended, but in some cases it can work.



  • Karaoke

    Purchase and download an inexpensive background track from a karaoke website. You are generally allowed to use these tracks for “private” use. All other uses, like selling the recording with your singing on it, for example, require permission.

  • Custom Arrangements

    I can create a custom arrangement and produce a recording of the background music track. See my Music Production page for more info.



  • Video

    A music video could be created from video footage of the recording session. There are also many other possibilities with video.

  • Photo

    Photographs of the recording session. A photo book or slideshow video (with the music) could be created.

  • Original Songs

    Original songs could be composed specifically for your family to sing. Comedic songs or beautiful tributes about family members. Whatever you would like!

  • Other Ideas

    I’m open to other possibilities. Let me know what you have in mind!



  • At my home studio (Carmel, NY).
  • At a commercial recording studio in NY, NJ or CT.
  • At your home or wherever you are having your family event. I can bring a portable recording setup and then bring it home later to edit.


To hear examples of some of my family’s recordings, please visit my Family Recordings blog.

Please call me at (845) 548-6226 to discuss details and possibilities for your family recording!