The following songs, in diverse styles, were all written and recorded for a family of churches in Queens, NY using their original lyrics. Each song is pieced together in a streamlined process that often includes the remote recording of vocals, and lots of MIDI programming and live instruments recorded in Barry’s home studio. New projects are added often. Scroll down to hear the most recent songs.

Songs for The Church Before The Seat of Christ

I’ve Finally Beheld God (featuring Donna Cori Gibson)


God Silently Provides For Everyone (featuring Donna Cori Gibson)


A Lament for a Tragic World (featuring Victoria Faiella)


God Paid All the Price to Save Mankind (featuring Billy Ayres)


Songs for The Church of New Hymn

Repentance (featuring Billy Ayres)


Counting God’s Grace Makes My Tears Flow (featuring Donna Cori Gibson)


God Wishes for More People to Gain His Salvation (featuring Rick Salucci)


Peter Knew God Best (featuring Jennifer Grace)


Awaiting God’s Good News (featuring Billy Ayres)


What God Wants Is Man’s True Heart (featuring Jennifer Grace)


God Has Worked Till Now, Why Does Not Man Understand? (featuring Billy Ayres)


Created by You, Belonging to You (featuring Erica Leigh)


Praise for God From the Descendants of Moab (featuring Erica Leigh)


God’s Love Brings Us Close Together (featuring Evan McCulloch)


What Have You Given to God in Return? (featuring Jessica Lynn)


The Truth of the Aftermath of Man’s Corruption by Satan (featuring Erica Leigh)


Donna Cori Gibson
Victoria Faiella
Billy Ayres
Rick Salucci
Jennifer Grace
Erica Leigh
Evan McCulloch
Maya Harmony Hartglass
(background vocals)


Jessica Lynn


Maya Harmony Hartglass



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