For over 20 years, Barry has been active working as a producer, engineer, composer, arranger and musician (bass, guitar, piano and saxophone). Barry received a Master of Arts degree in Music (composition) from CUNY Hunter College and a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Engineering Technology from the University of Miami. He also studied Music (composition) at the Juilliard School and Music for Film at NYU. Barry is currently teaching electronic music, audio production and sound design courses at Mercy College and CUNY Hostos Community College.

“You play all those instruments just right and you really FEEL the music. Your string arrangements are works of art in themselves. You are a very talented and creative musician. I am so proud to know you and privileged to have you do my music. You’re AMAZING!”
Donna Cori Gibson (Golden Arrow Catholic Music and Media)

“Barry Hartglass ~ for your stellar talent that knows no bounds, for your passion, devotion, blood sweat and tears, for going above and beyond, for your patience, for your open heart and mind, for your encouragement and belief in me, for pouring your heart and soul into this music, for a myriad of delectable vegan meals, for your family’s and your extraordinary hospitality at your home and studio and for the honor of being able to call you my dear friend.”
Victoria Faiella (Incandescent Records)

“As the mastering engineer on a few of Barry’s more recent projects, I can say that his production is detailed and excellent – and he’s really easy to work with!”
Richard Morris (Richard Morris Mastering)

“To my producer, BARRY HARTGLASS, who took the time and tremendous energy to find my sound; Your gentle, thoughtful spirit inspired me. Your musical gifts from God are amazing! You were an answer to prayer.”
Annie Karto (Windswept Records)

“Barry’s the rarest thing of all: an artist who makes a living from his art. His melodic, haunting scores for my independent short films and features have added so much to my production values and I would highly, highly recommend his work to anyone. He is a versatile and always professional musician.”
Jared Gordon (Winter Twilight Productions)

“I have known and worked with Barry Hartglass for over 10 years. Some of my favorite recording sessions and best sounding tracks have taken place at his studio in Carmel, NY. Barry is a stickler for high quality, clean sound and detailed engineering. He is also a composer, bassist, pianist, saxophonist and producer which means he has a thorough knowledge of all aspects of the recording process and can therefore bring a deep understanding to every musical situation. I highly recommend Barry for any project, regardless of style. He will serve your recording needs beyond expectation.”
Tom Nazziola (Composer, Orchestrator)